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Chasing Shadows

chasing shadows 2.jpg

Avery Smith, who returned to her hometown of Bethel Springs after time spent away in the big city, is finally beginning to absorb the culture shock and settle into her job at the local Sheriff’s Department. The pay’s not great, there’s a decided lack of decent coffee and available women in town, but those are sacrifices she’s willing to make to in order to be closer to her aging and increasingly eccentric grandmother. When the discovery of a dead body in the county coincides with the arrival of attractive but irritating tv personality Cameron Reinhart, Avery has to put aside her feelings of skepticism and disbelief when Cam claims to have seen Avery's murder victim -- after she was murdered.

Together, the two women must navigate a confusing maze of romance, murder, and intrigue as Avery tries to find a killer and both women fight their growing attraction to each other.


Finalist, 2020 Goldie Awards, Paranormal/Occult/Horror

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