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Don't Be Shy, Vol. One

Twelve authors of lesbian fiction bring you short stories that focus on the sensual, red-hot delights of sex between women and the celebration of the female form in all its diverse hedonism.

You’ll find intimate encounters between strangers, couples playing out their most titillating fantasies, one-night stands, and stories featuring slow, sultry weekends. Are you up for toys, hot sex, and fun?

Are you in the mood for something spicy?

Stories by: Annie Anthony, Cheri Crystal, Eve Francis, Harper Bliss, Jess Lea, Jove Belle, Lila Bruce, N.R. Dunham, R.G. Emanuelle, Ronnie Willows, Sacchi Green, Samantha Luce

Winner of the 2016 Goldie Award, Erotica 

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