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Falling Slowly

Badly wounded in Afghanistan when the helicopter she is piloting goes down under enemy fire, Captain Quinn Briscoe is struggling to rebuild her life. Facing not only a disfiguring injury, but a medical discharge and the end of a serious relationship, Quinn increasingly shuts herself - and her heart - off from the rest of the world. Her first meeting with lovely, self-confident and successful business owner Alison Jenkins is disastrous, and Quinn feels an instant antipathy for the woman, along with an undeniable attraction.

Trying to get along for the sake of her sister Rebekah, who's gone to work for Allie, Quinn offers to fly the attractive boutique owner to a family wedding. However, what should have been a quick one day trip to the mountains of North Carolina suddenly turns into a long weekend at a romantic lodge. When a series of circumstances makes it increasingly clear that Quinn won't be able to deny the growing passion between them much longer, will she be able to put the scars of the past aside to build a relationship with Allie worth fighting for?

5 Stars for Falling Slowly

  ~Inked Rainbow Reads

"First off I absolutely love the cover of this book. It’s stunning. And it’s fitting for Quinn and her history with the military and as a helicopter pilot.
The dynamics between Quinn and Allie are great. They start off on the wrong foot, and then another wrong foot and finally they get on the same page and things turn much smoother for the pair.
I really enjoyed watching Quinn get over the scars her ex caused her while Allie learned that Quinn wasn’t what she first appeared to be. Both had a lot to learn about each other, but somehow made it happen in this short novel.
It was great, a few steamy scenes toward the end to go along with the growing and changing relationship added a nice touch to a pretty well rounded story."

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